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Automation equals more efficiency and time for growing your business. Increase your productivity by up to 90% and automate major actions with AirGMS Airbnb management software.
Multi-Platform Synchronization
Sync all calendar data from VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor in AirGMS.
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Manage bookings and reservations from 3rd Party platforms. Sync all calendar data from Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, or any short term rental booking platform via ical.

As an Airbnb manager, you might want to see your property listed across multiple booking platforms, and doesn’t it become challenging when you need to track all of those bookings? AirGMS vacation rental software lets you sync all your calendars via ical to one interface and manage your Airbnb management business in one place. So, if you want to sync calendar data from VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, or other platforms of choice – you’re all set with this streamlined synchronization function.

Airbnb Pricing
Change Airbnb price on all you bookings right from the multi-calendar in vacation rental software AirGMS.
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Change the Airbnb price on all your bookings right from the multi-calendar. Easily select open dates and change the price to increase your occupancy rate. Dates can also be made available or unavailable to block out certain days.

As professional Airbnb management business, you struggle to efficiently make price adjustments or seasonal rate changes? We want to help. Our multi-calendar function means that you can easily view future dates and adjust Airbnb pricing in moments! Whether you simply want to alter a price on a particular date(s) to increase occupancy rates, or even if you’d like to block out dates your property is unavailable – all is possible with this helpful Airbnb tool.

Automated Airbnb Messages
AirGMS automates Airbnb messages to schedule your responses.
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Did you know that on average an Airbnb manager sends 2500 messages per month? The good news is that AirGMS automates an incredible 70% of them. That means users save around 60 hours of work normally tied up in answering messages related to check-in/check-out, property instructions, and more. AirGMS allows creating automated Airbnb messages that will be ‘triggered’ on pre-set dates and times. These ‘triggers’ can be adjusted to send a specific message to a guest at check-in, during the stay, or on checking out. With so much on your plate, automated messaging makes your communication with guests extremely flawless.

Popup Notifications
With AirGMS you will never miss a message from your Airbnb guest.
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Never miss a message from your guest. Each of your Airbnb manager (operator) gets notified about incoming messages. Become a communication superstar and be alerted when a new inquiry comes your way. Response rate is your key to better fillrate!

As an Airbnb management business host, you might know the importance of responding within one hour. Since you can be busy with other bookings you might face the problem of missing messages from your guests. It will never happen with AirGMS vacation rental software.
Each of your Airbnb managers (operators) will be notified of incoming messages meaning that guests are in a great position to receive quick responses. A win-win for you and your guest! You will be in a good position to secure the booking if you are able to answer guest queries quickly and this will, in turn, improve your Airbnb rating.

Airbnb Reviews Management
Automate your Airbnb guest reviews and get up to 90% more reviews in return!
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Did you know that only 20% of Airbnb guests write reviews? With an AirGMS guest reviewing feature, you will be able to build the templates for guest reviews using predefined elements.

Publish your review right from the system, no need to login to your Airbnb account. You will get notified about how many days you have to publish a review and when a guest wrote one for you. As an Airbnb host, you know how important this is. The more reviews you write, the more reviews you’ll get in return. Consequently, you’ll be granted a higher ranking on Airbnb and receive up to 50% more bookings. Simple as that.

Key Management Automation
Track your key status in AirGMS dashboard.
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Manage access to your Airbnb properties remotely and track the keys on a dashboard of AirGMS vacation rental software. Do you want to manage your keys securely and automate it for both you and your guests? AirGMS allows an integration with Keycafe, a popular key management platform.

As soon as a guest checks out, both the Airbnb host and cleaner will be notified via a text message and email. Thanks to this automated Airbnb key exchange, the cleaning process management becomes much smoother. With Airbnb key exchange, you can escape those awkward situations where the cleaners arrive to find that the guests have not departed yet. Apart from the notifications, Airbnb hosts can track the key status on the AirGMS dashboard too.

Parent and Child Bookings Airbnb Management
ArGMS allows you to book in parent property and see if it is all booked or by child properties.
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AirGMS vacation rental software allows you to see if a room was booked within the house, or the entire house has been rented out.

Say, for example, you are the host of a 3-bedroom house and you rent it out, both as an entire house, and as separate rooms. Before, it was a challenge to know whether a house was fully booked out or just a room – which caused many problems such as issues with double-booking – a disaster for a host and guests. Now you don’t have to worry about it with AirGMS.

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