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6 Types of Vacation Rental Guests and How to Attract Them

vacation rental guests

When it comes to vacation rentals, no two guests are alike. Every Airbnb guest has a different idea of where the best place to travel to is, the best time of year to go, who they’d like to travel with, and finally what they’ll do once they are there.

To help make things a bit easier, here are 6 types of vacation rental guests and how to attract them.


Airbnb guest 1Business Travelers

While many guests use Airbnb when traveling for pleasure, a select group of Airbnb guests use Airbnb for business travel. Often they opt for a vacation rental as a cheaper alternative to a hotel stay.

How to Attract Them

  • Turn your property into a quiet, well-lit space that is perfect for the business traveler who is looking to escape from cramped hotel rooms.
  • Make sure that you mention travel distances and estimated drive times to major points of your city or the nearby metro area.
  • Offer technological amenities to give your property a professional edge over what a hotel might have to offer.
  • Throw in a few extras, such as luxury toiletries, an espresso machine or even personal shopping services.


Airbnb guests 2Couples

Couples are always looking to get away from it all and a vacation rental offers the perfect opportunity to unwind. In many cases when couples decide to travel, they are usually celebrating something, such as a birthday, wedding, honeymoon or anniversary.

How to Attract Them

  • All of the amenities that you provide should be designed for two. For example, you’ll want to offer two sets of toiletries in the bathroom, two bicycles for getting around town, and two kayaks for enjoying some time out on the lake.
  • Provide helpful information about romantic local destinations by picking out restaurants nearby, as well as, local attractions that can double as date ideas, such as going to play mini golf, visiting a winery or viewing an exhibit at the museum.
  • Make sure that your property offers privacy and an opportunity to relax.


Airbnb guests 3Cultural Enthusiasts

If your property is located in an area that attracts a lot of tourists, it is likely that cultural enthusiasts will be interested in your property. Cultural enthusiasts are travelers who are looking to become immersed in the cultural experience that your location has to offer.

How to Attract Them

  • Offer as many traditional amenities as possible. From the cookware to the bed linens, opt for choices that reflect the traditions of your region.
  • Put together a list with activities such as cooking classes, language lessons, and events that demonstrate the best that the local culture has to offer.
  • Recommend some places where they can go to take photos to remember the experience will help to solidify the branding of your property as the perfect place for a cultural enthusiast to stay.


Airbnb guests 4

Families With Young Children

Many parents find vacationing with young children (under five) difficult under most circumstances. However, you can make their lives easier by providing a place that is safe and comfortable for the kids.

How to Attract Them

  • Child-proof your home. Install baby gates for the stairs, child locks for cabinets, and a gate for your pool.
  • Have a car seat, high chair, stroller, and crib at your property.
  • Offer information about the locations of all the closest public parks, zoos, or any other affordable locations that are great for families with young children to explore.


Airbnb guests 5Travelers With Disabilities

There are more than 66 million people worldwide who have some sort of mobility issue. Unfortunately, they still have problems finding vacation rentals that cater to their medical needs.

How to Attract Them

  • Make your bathroom accessible by adding handlebars and a sit down shower.
  • Provide everything that guests need on one level of your home so that there isn’t any need to climb stairs.
  • Add a wheelchair ramp to the entrance of your property.


Large Groups

From sports teams to girls’ weekend, church retreats, and family reunions, large groups often use vacation rentals for their annual gatherings. While the most important feature for a group is the amount of space that your property has, people also want to experience the best that your area has to offer without feeling like they are making too many sacrifices by rooming together.

How to Attract Them

  • Make sure that there are enough beds and offer optional sleeping spaces with inflatable beds and sofas for extra guests.
  • Provide information about parking for multiple cars, public transportation, and group discounts for local attractions.

Every host should know his target audience. Look at your amenities and then look at who is making inquiries. If you want to get the best possible results as an Airbnb host, adjust your amenities to attract these types of guests who regularly make inquiries about your property.

And if you are interested in automating your Airbnb management AirGMS vacation rental software has auto-messaging, templates, and lots of other features that can help you win any type of guest. Now is simply up to you to figure out how to identify your vacation rental guests and target them appropriately.