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The team at AirGMS is passionate about introducing useful functionality that will make the lives of Airbnb hosts easier. We are excited to help you to scale your business while automating some of the day-to-day routine tasks. Today we are extremely happy to introduce to you a new Airbnb report function on our AirGMS platform.

Creating a professional Airbnb report has just become a whole lot easier, thanks to this new Airbnb report feature. Often Airbnb managers have to send reports to each owner. Or just need to have a quick overview of how things going. With our smart reports, you can easily create a clean and compelling Airbnb report within just a matter of a few minutes.

Airbnb report AirGMS

Airbnb hosts will be able to access three types of reports: Transaction History, List of Reservations and Summary. These three different Airbnb reports will instantly simplify your income tracking and help you to monitor your performance by providing you with a quick overview of the results of your Airbnb business.

Transaction History Report

The transaction history report shows you the list of completed transactions of each listing. If you want to zoom in on a specific month, that is no problem. Thanks to the filters, you can easily only view a certain month or the data of a specific property.

Airbnb report transactions

On top of that, you can also see the amount paid per night with the cleaning fee and Airbnb service fee listed separately. Or, use the filters to filter the information according to an account or payment method.

List of Reservation Report

The list of reservation report will provide you with a list of all the reservations within a selected date range. This feature enables you to see just how many nights and guests each property had for each booking.

Airbnb report on reservations

Though, the most useful thing about this report has to be that you can also quickly look up any future Airbnb booking with the help of this Airbnb report.

Summary Report

The summary report gives you a quick overview of how your Airbnb business is performing overall. It shows the number of nights sold, cleaning fees and revenue for each property. This handy report allows you to see each listing’s performance in terms of revenue, cleaning fees and occupancy. Besides, at the end of this Airbnb report, both the revenue and cleaning fees of a selected month are conveniently summed up for you.

Airbnb report summary

Airbnb hosts already have so many tasks that demand their attention. Why continue to do something manually if you can get it done with a click of a button? The new Airbnb Report Feature By AirGMS has reported for duty… Try it today! Start with a free14-day trial, if you are not with us yet!