Airbnb Management Vacation Rental Software Features

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All major actions right here

Vacation rental management is complicated. Make it easier with AirGMS. Manage all your day-to-day activities, routine tasks, and calendars in a single dashboard.

  • Synchronize your calendars from all platforms
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Create financial reports in minutes
  • Use multi-calendar dashboard
  • Build flawless communication with your guests
  • Use effective team management features

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Smart messaging

Bring your guest communication to the next level and save up to 70% of time with AirGMS smart messaging.

  • Use single inbox for all messages and accounts
  • Organize your common responses
  • Automate communication with your guests
  • Use predefined elements to create templates

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Airbnb automation tools

Automation equals more efficiency and time for growing your business. Increase your productivity by up to 80% and automate major actions with AirGMS software.

  • Automated your Airbnb messaging
  • Synchronize with third-party platforms
  • Change prices right from the system
  • Receive the popup notifications
  • Automate Airbnb reviews
  • Use Parent and Child bookings management to avoid double bookings

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Team management

Work together seamlessly as a team using advanced features for team management.

  • Create operational tasks
  • Invite team members
  • Manager work orders
  • Schedule cleanings and tasks
  • Control level of access

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