Smart Messaging

Make your communication with guests flawless and automate it with powerful smart messaging.

Single Inbox

All your guest threads (chats) are organized into a single feed. Quickly find and reply to unread messages regardless of what Airbnb account they came from. Quickly navigate between different reservations with tabs. Invite your teammates and see them communicating to the guests real-time.

Are you tired of searching through messages in multiple locations? Our single inbox feature will solve this time-consuming challenge! This highly efficient solution means that time spent moving between multiple Airbnb messages is over. You can view all your guest threads (chats) in one single feed and manage your Airbnb management business more efficient. You will be able to locate, with a simple search, any message that you want to respond to, no matter which Airbnb account it is from. You will be able to efficiently navigate between reservations and even invite team members – allowing you to view current chats with guests.

Organize Your Common Responses

Send your message in one click. Prepare your check-in instructions with most used responses and convert them into templates. Send your well-designed response in a second! Guests love quick answers!

Are you short of time to prepare specially tailored answers to each guest inquiry? We want to reduce this time burden for you and organizing common responses is an excellent way to achieve this. With this function, you can prepare your check-in/check-out instructions and other important standard Airbnb messages that you plan to send regularly to guests, and convert them to template form. Once this is done they can be sent to multiple Airbnb guests with just one click. It’s as simple as that. This will increase your popularity with guests and your Airbnb SEO results!

Automated Airbnb messages

Would you like to keep guests informed at every stage of the booking process? With this tool, our vacation rental software will give you the capability to create automated Airbnb messages that will be ‘triggered’ on pre-set dates/times. These ‘triggers’ can be adjusted to send a specific message to a guest at check-in, during the stay, or on checking out. The message can be prepared by you and this function will send it to guests at exactly the day and time you chose, so that you are one step ahead of the guest stay process, from start to finish. Another excellent time-saving feature for your Airbnb management business, that will also keep guests happy and informed at every stage!

Predefined Template Elements

Use predefined template elements to make your hosting style unique per each Airbnb account you manage. Build a check-in instruction per each property and insert your listing-specific information (like an address or a check-out time) into your Airbnb message template.

Are you finding it challenging to manage your hosting style for different Airbnb accounts? Well, look no further! Our vacation rental software will give you the ability to create pre-defined template elements so that you can make your hosting style unique to each Airbnb account that you manage. This enhanced feature means that you can do things like to build a check-in instruction for each property, incorporating listing specific information, such as an address or a specific check-out time, within your Airbnb message template. You can also set the style and tone of your message dependent on the style of property that you are making available to guests. This feature enables great flexibility of approach for each property of your Airbnb management business.


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