How one Japanese Property Management company grew their portfolio from 10 to over 40 listings overnight!

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January 24, 2017
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How did it all begin?

The Company:  Innovation Style

Sector: Vacation property rental

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Innovation Style manages clients’ Airbnb rental property(s) but this is not the only service they provide. In addition, the company offers renovation options to make the property even more attractive for rental purpose. This is a unique selling point and a proof of great enthusiasm for providing a complete packaged solution to clients. So what was the challenge they wanted to overcome?

The challenge:

There’s only one problem the company realized early on – how can we manage so many interactions with guests, continue offering excellent and efficient service, and grow listings at the same time?

“We started to have more than 10 Airbnb accounts and it was such a pain to go through all the accounts regularly to check messages.  We also had lots of cleaning issues as we used to make our schedule manually after each booking is made.”

With increasing number of issues handling multiple guest messages and challenges with services such as cleaning schedules, the Innovation Style management team knew that they had to search for a solution, and fast!

Freeing up time to do what you do best – the Transformation

The solution was found by searching for software that would remove the time-consuming challenges faced, freeing up time to focus on expansion and growth.  The search started and very quickly the company realized that selecting software that could be used with ease and simplicity was the best road to take.

“When we compared property management software options we chose to use AirGMS, as it has an intuitive interface and looks very efficient.”

The solution:

AirGMS were able to offer exactly what we were looking for in numerous ways: a single interface for all communications making handling multiple accounts easy, templates for common answers to guest enquiries, multi-platform synchronization, log-ins for service staff to streamline cleaning schedules, and multiple other services.

And the solution worked:

“The biggest thing was saving time. Using AirGMS we are able to deal with each guest with templates and with an all-in-one communication page.  Also, since we have used AirGMS, for the last 6 months, we’ve had no issue with miss-cleaning.”

The overall result?

“Yes, we are very happy and satisfied with this software!”

Innovation Style has been able to expand the number of properties they manage, whilst continuing to offer the efficiency of service and keep an eye out for new business development potential.  This is all because they made the critical decision to hand over the smooth running of their Airbnb business to a highly effective piece of software.

They’ve never looked back!

The figures speak for themselves:


Portfolio before partnering with AirGMS:                       10 property listings

Portfolio after partnering with AirGMS:              40+ property listings, and growing!