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Beyond Pricing

Founded in 2013 by veterans of revenue management in the airline and hospitality space, Beyond Pricing is the world’s first most popular revenue management and dynamic pricing software exclusively for vacation rentals. Driven by big-data machine learning and predictive analytics, Beyond Pricing dynamically prices over 120,000 listings in over 1,000 markets worldwide.

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BnbCare is a Canadian team of experienced professionals trusted by customers all over the Vancouver area. The company provides Airbnb hosts with outstanding services managing their guests. BnbCare is offering a wide range of services from picking up the guest from the airport to making sure the residence is in perfect condition for a next visit. BnbCare is a great option for saving your time and effort dealing with accommodation hassle.
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Get Paid For Your Pad

If you are looking for the ways to improve your guests' experience and increase your income, you should definitely check out Get Paid For Your Pad. Learn how to become an Airbnb Hosting Master with their professional tips. Airbnb tools and resources, blog and even coaching opportunity are all there for you. They also offer a book which is a fully updated guide to improve the results from the Airbnb listing.